About the owner of Agrarian Crafts:  

The business originated in Gilroy, California as a small collaboration between two friends making hand
made ceramic goods, soaps, and candles. The business name was carried on by Adam when he moved to
South San Francisco.

After arriving in South San Francisco, Adam pursued leather work as a hobby at first. After making several
holsters and knife sheaths he choose to pursue custom leather work full time.

On April 1st, 2017 Adam opened up his first shop in Burlingame, California. In 2019 Agrarian Crafts was
moved to a new shop location just down the road to where it is now.

Agrarian Crafts has made custom leather goods for the film industry, for law enforcement, retail business,
and manufacturing companies. The wide range of leather related services from prototyping, OEM
production, component manufacturing, full custom builds, repairs and personalized product is offered at
reasonable prices.

Drop us a line or email today for your next leather related project.  

More about Adam:  

Adam's back ground includes working in manufacturing environments ranging from small electro-optical
devices, food, medical equipment and firearms/ammunition production.

Adam also has nearly 22 years of experience in warehousing/distribution management
including handling props for the film/photography industry.

Adam is also an avid sportsman who loves to fish and hunt, target shooting, and hiking. He loves to
combine his experience in the outdoors into the designs of his custom leather goods.  
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